Turning Point


Turning Point is an outdoor dance piece I worked on in 2021 and 2022 with Feet off the Ground, a female-led modern dance collective.


Inspired by Greenham Women and other female-led movements, Turning Point examines how community, protest and a shared mission can make a meaningful impact. The piece also tackles the importance of collective action around climate collapse.


Feet off the Ground wanted text in the piece and I worked closely with them in the development stage to create poetry to weave into the soundtrack.


I loved working on this piece not least because it fused so many of my  current interests: outdoor performance, ecology and, of course, the fusion of poetry and dance. I love absorbing movement and letting it inspire my words. It was fantastic to be back in a rehearsal room with such talented and inspiring artists. The development of this piece was supported by Center 101, The Point, IOU & Arts Council England.


Turning Point will tour in summer 2023. You can see upcoming dates and watch a trailer of the piece here.