Die Bäume und ihre Geheimnisse


Die Bäume und ihre Geheimnisse (The Trees and their Secrets) was an audio-immersive theatre walk which took place in the beautiful Natur Park Südgelände in Berlin in November and December 2022. It was funded by Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis.

I wrote and directed the piece and produced it alongside Bridget Hines.

Small audiences were led through the forest park wearing headphones playing ambient music by Joseph Ackroyd and my poetry that was available in the original English and also in German and Turkish translations. The audience encountered performances devised by a team of artists from the disciplines of dance, mask-theatre, puppetry and clowning.

This piece was partly inspired by my work with IOU on Rear View back in 2017 and I hope to make more outdoor theatre and audio-walks in the near future.

You can watch the documentation of the piece here.