Seven Songs for Little Me


Seven Songs for Little Me is a durational performance art piece that premiered at Beyond Therapy: A festival of activism against childhood sexual abuse at the Watershed, Bristol in May 2022. It was funded by Viv Gordon Company and The Green House, Bristol.


The piece involves me cycling for several hours to power a generator which in turn powered a 25-minute-long autobiographical audio piece which tells my story of CSA and its reverberations in my adult life. My first trauma, before my experience of sexual abuse, was a serious accident on my dad’s bike when I was four. I had always been terrified of cycling until last year when I overcame my fear and began to cycle everywhere. Cycling makes me feel childlike, but in this piece, the bike that is powering the audio with my thoughts also represents the work we have to put in to speak and exist as survivors. The audio is mixed over seven karaoke tracks of the pop songs that soundtracked my childhood.


I hope to find more outings for this piece soon. If you’re interested in booking this piece to be part of an event, please get in touch.